A downloadable game for Windows

super unfinished but here's the game for the music game jam!

Characters belong to NomNomNami, check out her game "Lonely Wolf Treat" and the rest of the games in that series!

Programming/Character Sprites/Sounds: KonaTizer

Background Art and Additional Sprites: BoarFrog


Cooking With Mochi 3 MB


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not trying to be offensive by any means but I am glad I didn't find this till today. Mochi doesn't look well. she needs mental help Moxie probably is fucking with her from what I see from the pic.

i wouldn't read into it too much, i made those sprites in like 20 minutes

glad it was 20min and not like 40 hours... cuz that explain why Mochi seems depressed

I love your games

I think you're mistaking me with Nami, I didn't make the Lonely Wolf Treat games, this is just a fan game. here's her page https://nomnomnami.itch.io/ 

oops xD

OMG This would be SO fun if you could make entire recipes with rhythm! //(b>w<)b Good work!